Here are some of the various tools I’ve used when modding Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life and Another Wonderful Life:


This tool is required for patching a given iso file.

The tool is currently Windows-only [Download]

For Mac users, there’s an equivalent tool called [MultiPatch]

For Android, there’s [UniPatcher] (Note: not tested)


CleanRip is, by far, the easiest way to create an iso image of your game disc.

It’s available as a Wii and GameCube homebrew program. For information on how to run Wii homebrew programs, check out [].

The Dolphin wiki has some [useful information] on dumping / joining files using CleanRip.


Dolphin Emulator

The “de facto” GameCube / Wii emulator Includes many useful features, such as upscaling, debugging, logging, and more.


GC Rebuilder

This program is needed for exporting and rebuilding an ISO of the game.

Information on how to use this program can be found in my tutorial here.


Sukharah’s CLZ Compression Tool

This is a command-line tool to easily decompress / recompress .clz files. It’s fairly straightforward to use with the unpack (decompress) and pack2 (recompress) options.


Wexos Toolbox

This is the preferred tool for opening/editing U8 archives (.arc files)



This is the preferred tool for editing textures (.tpl files). Can be used to extract and replace textures.


Sukharah’s MES Unpacker

This is a command-line tool to easily convert between the game’s dialog (.mes files) and text (.txt) files. It supports numerous options such as AWL, AnWL, and AWLSE support; message duplication optimizations; and complete variable decoding.


DAT Texture Wizard

This tool can open a game’s opening.bnr file to import a new game banner image. What differentiates this from other tools, is that it allows importing game banner images with transparency!


Harrison’s MES Editor

This app was crucial for changing any text in the games in the early stages of developing the mod, prior to the development of Sukharah’s MES Unpacker.

While “Editor” is in the name, the program currently only offers viewing functionality. Any actual “editing” will need to be done with a hex editor.

With that said, it does offer a user-friendly GUI.

To view dialogue (mes files) from Another Wonderful Life, you’ll need to make sure you’re using the “Byte-Definitions” version of the program (this is the version I’ve linked to) and make sure “Read as AnWL” is checked.