Tutorial: How to Use xDelta Patches


For any releases of the Proud Life mod, I’ve decided to use xDelta patches.

These patches work by creating a comparison of what was changed between an original dumped ISO and the modded ISO, and only saving the changed bits.


To use the mod from an xDelta patch, you’ll need:

  • A dumped ISO of the game you want to mod
    • Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for the lesbian mod
      • md5 = 1b25d35660f163ebdc97165708b22f94
    • Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life for the gay mod
      • md5 = af4bc131320ca06ab198202db78f3b06
  • xDeltaUI (Windows) or MultiPatch (macOS)
  • One of the patches from the Downloads page

Applying an xDelta Patch

Applying a patch to your dumped game is fairly trivial.

1. Launch xDeltaUI or MultiPatch
2. Select your patch (.xdelta file), source file (dumped .iso file), and where you’d like to put the output (patched) file.

3. Hit the “Patch” button and voila!

Congrats! You now have a working copy of Harvest Moon: A Proud Life (or Another Proud Life)!

Harvest Moon – A Proud Life Alpha Patches

For anyone wanting to contribute help to my mod project, I will be creating patches whenever I make changes to my disc files.

To apply the patches, you’ll need a retail iso of the game you wish to patch (NTSC USA region).

  • Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for lesbian female mod
  • Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life for gay male mod

You should be able to apply the patches using xDeltaUI (Windows) or MultiPatch (macOS), selecting your original ISO, and then selecting the appropriate patch.

NOTE: These are nightly/alpha patches intended for development use. They are being made as I create changes and should not be treated as a reflection of the final mod.

Current progress as of August 19, 2017:

  • Swapped assets2 and map icon textures for female/male face icon
  • Swapped female/male dreaming animations
  • Swapped male/female outfit textures

Download Here