New Discord Server for Harvest Moon / Story of Seasons Translation Projects

It’s recently come to my attention that some other projects are now using the tutorials I’ve written on this blog. This was always my intent and the primary reason why I’ve been documenting all of my findings while researching AWL.

I’ve now created a [Harvest Moon Translations Discord] where people can collaborate and discuss translating AWL, as well as other HM/SoS games into various languages.

I hope that having a dedicated server will offer people a common place to help work on these projects, and get in touch with others who might have helpful expertise, whether it’s knowing another language, or technical knowledge about the game in question.

Currently I’ve created channels for a few AWL, FoMT, and DS projects, but more will be added as they come up.

If you or someone you know would be interested in helping translate some of these games, feel free to [join]!

QUESTION: Do any of my followers speak Japanese?

One of the ideas I’ve been considering regarding my difficulties with the CLZ format is to try and contact the original developers and see if they’re willing to share any details of the file format.

There are two main challenges that this approach poses:

  1. The developers could request the mod to be shut down.
  2. I don’t speak Japanese, which is the language of the original developers at Marvelous

I could write up an email of what to ask them, but I’d like to have it translated better than Google Translate.

I’m going to try looking on some game hack forums to see if I can find anyone else with experience in decompressing game files first.

This would be more of a last resort.

[Any input would be greatly appreciated.]