Tutorial: Dumping ROMs

The first thing you’ll need to poke around in the files of either A Wonderful Life or Another Wonderful Life is a copy of the game(s).

Even if you don’t plan on helping with development, you’ll eventually need a copy of the ROM to apply the patch to if you want to play the mod.

While there are some methods out there for ripping games using some select compatible DVD drives, we’ll be using a Wii for this method, since those are more common.


  • A Wii (Note: The Wii Mini is currently unhackable and won’t work)
  • An SD Card
  • A USB Stick (2GB or more)
  • CleanRip
  • The Homebrew Channel
  • Gamecube DAT file (if your Wii has no internet connection)


  1. Install the Homebrew Channel on your Wii [guide]
  2. Download CleanRip and copy the “apps” folder to the root of your SD card.
  3. If you downloaded the Gamecube DAT file, copy it to the root of your SD card and rename it to “gc.dat”
  4. Insert your SD Card into your Wii
  5. Insert your USB drive into your Wii
  6. Insert your Harvest Moon disc into the Wii
  7. Launch CleanRip from the Homebrew Channel
  8. Follow the on-screen instructions to dump the game to your USB drive
    1. Set “Chunk Size” to Max
    2. Set “New Device per Chunk” to No

Once finished, the app should display the name and md5 hash of the dumped ROM.  These should match either of the following:

  • Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (USA): 1b25d35660f163ebdc97165708b22f94
  • Harvest Moon: Another Wonderful Life (USA):  af4bc131320ca06ab198202db78f3b06

For now, I’m currently just working with the US versions of each game.

Once I’ve completed those mods, I’ll start taking a look at the other versions (EUROPE, GERMANY, JAPAN).

  • Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (EUR): 9e9b1d087aef6e2993c7bbd9e7b2fcc9
  • Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life (GER): 4cfaa94313149c4bd839e965026a4240
  • Bokujou Monogatari: Wonderful Life (JAP) (v1.00): 2bd9b086f7e7b4c15e1e8149f9b4899f
    Bokujou Monogatari: Wonderful Life (JAP) (v1.01): 06b0c45b21cc5603e91cf4cbd89bcc56
    Bokujou Monogatari: Wonderful Life for Girls (JAP): 7dad8557e8ab6a0f35d8f57b9902d8f2

Starting Dialogue Analysis

I’ve put all of the dialogue from each game. [AWL] [AnWL]

I’m starting to look through the dialogue and make note of any areas that need editing, including grammatical errors and gendered terms.

Please [let me know] if you find any areas that will also need editing.

Once I’ve found the areas to edit, I will make the changes using manual hex editing of the original MES files.

Update #2

I’ve gone through the AWL dialogue.

I’ve located any mentions of “husband”, “father”, “pops”, “dad”, and “daddy” that need to be changed.  I’ve also located a number of grammatical errors that will need to be fixed.

The AWL dialogue dump [link] has been updated as such.

Of course the sections I’ve found won’t be complete.  There are still going to be numerous he/him entries throughout the dialogue, but this is a start.

It’ll go a lot faster if you guys can message me [link] with any dialogue that you come across needing to be fixed.

I’ll work on the AnWL dialogue tomorrow and then will start on hex editing the necessary files, followed by creating updated xDelta patches.

AWL Dialogue Dumped, AnWL Dialogue Cipher Broken

The MES Editor is now at v0.2 [link] and now includes export features.

With this, I’ve been able to fully dump all of the dialogue from AWL. [link]

The dialogue files can be viewed for anyone interested. [link].

The only things that aren’t dumped from AWL are some kanji characters that haven’t been added to the tool yet. But this is being worked on.  I’ve been progressing through each of the characters from the font texture.

The red characters are those that I haven’t been able to identify.  If anyone knows what they are, please let me know so we can add them to the program.

I’ve just broken the AnWL hex cipher, so I should hopefully be able to coordinate with Harrison to create an alternate version of the Editor for AnWL MES files.

If you notice any dialogue lines in-game that need to be changed, please let me know so I can find and edit them.

I’ll start by looking for individual gender identifiers (he/she, husband/wife, boy/girl. mom/dad, etc) and will go from there.  But it will likely be a little slow without full context of the conversations.

Dumping Dialogue

I’ve had a good amount of success with Harrison’s MES Editor [v0.1 stable]

I’ve set up a google doc [link] where I’ve been dumping all of the decrypted tool.

I’ll continue dumping messages manually and then will look into adjusting dialogue (i.e. pronouns, etc) for the mod once all of the scripts are in one place

I’ve made the google doc link editable (I have a seperate version for myself as a backup), so if you want to use the tool and contribute, it would be extremekly appreciated.

Also, if you can find any areas of dialogue in either game that will require adjusting for the Proud Life mod, please let me know so I can make a note of it.

Conversations with Harrison have been very productive around the tool.  Currently, he’s updating the tool with addition characters (symbols, kanji, etc.), as well as refactoring chunks of the code.  Most excitingly, the new development version seems to allow dumping of full decrypted output to a file, which will make things a lot easier rather than me copy/pasting each individual message.  Currently this new version is still under development and won’t really display what you want it to.  But it should be ready in the coming weeks.