Poll: Nami Model Variants

One item of consideration for the mod is whether or not I should modify Nami’s character model.

Her appearance in A Wonderful Life depicts her with neat short hair. However, her appearance in Another Wonderful Life depicts her with notably messier hair.

Nami’s AWL model (neat hair) vs AnWL (messy hair)

I’m currently running [a poll on Twitter] to look at which model players prefer.

I plan on using the result in each version of the mod (i.e. both A Proud Life and Another Proud Life).

While I’m partial to the neat look, I recognize that that might be due to me growing up with AWL. With that said, the messy look is growing on me.

Fun with Textures in Dolphin

I’ve recently tried playing with the texture dump and load tools in Dolphin (fan emulator).

I dumped the boy textures from A Wonderful Life and swapped them with the girl textures from Another Wonderful Life.

The results were… interesting.

It’s worth noting that this is just a temporary solution until I can find a way into the game’s CLZ file format to manually replace the texture image files on the disc.

It’ll mainly serve as a way to identify the main character during test playthroughs as a female/male via their face/clothing.

Also, I really need to find a better way of differentiating Dolphin (Gamecube Development Codename) and Dolphin (fan emulator). Maybe I should refer to the former as Nintendo Dolphin and the latter as Dolphin-emu.

AnWL Dialogue Dumped

Harrison has been able to implement a switch into the MES Reader program to read files as AnWL format (different hex cipher than AWL). [link to new version]

This means I’ve been able to fully dump the AnWL dialogue files. [link]

As I’ve said before, I’ll probably start with basic gendered terms (husband/wife, mom/dad, he/she, etc.).  If you know of any specific dialogue lines that should be changes, please let me know. [contact link]

I’ll basically just be able to work with the dialogue until I can decipher the CLZ archive format that contain a lot of the game’s data (including some character models/textures).

I might try and consult some of the folks over on either the AssemblerGames or GBATemp forums for some help.

Worst case scenario, I might even try to get in contact with someone from the original team over at Natsume to see if they’d be willing to provide any insight into the file format spec.

AWL Dialogue Dumped, AnWL Dialogue Cipher Broken

The MES Editor is now at v0.2 [link] and now includes export features.

With this, I’ve been able to fully dump all of the dialogue from AWL. [link]

The dialogue files can be viewed for anyone interested. [link].

The only things that aren’t dumped from AWL are some kanji characters that haven’t been added to the tool yet. But this is being worked on.  I’ve been progressing through each of the characters from the font texture.

The red characters are those that I haven’t been able to identify.  If anyone knows what they are, please let me know so we can add them to the program.

I’ve just broken the AnWL hex cipher, so I should hopefully be able to coordinate with Harrison to create an alternate version of the Editor for AnWL MES files.

If you notice any dialogue lines in-game that need to be changed, please let me know so I can find and edit them.

I’ll start by looking for individual gender identifiers (he/she, husband/wife, boy/girl. mom/dad, etc) and will go from there.  But it will likely be a little slow without full context of the conversations.

Testing / Bugs

So I’ve finally begun the actual in-game testing of my mod (the AnWL version at least).

I can confirm that the AnWL player clothing textures are working, as well as the player icon on the map.

The clothing textures for the AWL character don’t seem to be applying though. My theory is that the actual used textures are embedded in a gpl model (which I believe includes the model plus texture). This makes me question why there are the loose texture files at all. They might be remnants left over from the original devs prior to them adopting the gpl format.

A more pressing matter is a bug that I’ve encountered with AnWL. The game seems to freeze/crash on any interaction involving Gustafa. I’m not sure why this is occurring as I haven’t modified any of Gustafa’s files.  The bug is so far present in both the 2017-08-14 and 2017-08-19 builds.

I’ve done hash checks and the only files that are different between the source ISO and the mod (the 2017-08-14 build) are the following:

  • root\&&systemdata\Game toc
  • root\&&systemdata\ISO hdr
  • root\&&systemdata\Start dol
  • root\assets2 tpl
  • root\dreaming_bad thp
  • root\dreaming_good thp
  • root\map tpl

I’m not quite sure which of these if causing the issue, my best guess is the ISO.hdr or Game.toc. I’m going to do more testing and see where that gets me. Wish me luck.