Introducing a New Side Project: GC/Wii Disc Filesystem Catalog

Throughout my research for Harvest Moon: A Proud Life, I’ve come across numerous odd files.

Many of these file types are common across various other Gamecube and Wii games. Some are less common.

That’s why I’ve decided to start a new project. I’ll be analyzing any GC/Wii dumps I can get my hands on so that I can log their disc contents. I plan on analyzing/posting a different game each day.

Each post will be tagged as GCN or Wii. All applicable file types (e.g. .tpl, .arc, .txt, etc.) will also be added as tags.

My goal is that other modders can easily check if there are other games that use a specific file type. I hope that this project will serve the community as a useful reference.

This new project will be located at

Here’s an example of what each disc analysis will look like…

New Discord Server for Harvest Moon / Story of Seasons Translation Projects

It’s recently come to my attention that some other projects are now using the tutorials I’ve written on this blog. This was always my intent and the primary reason why I’ve been documenting all of my findings while researching AWL.

I’ve now created a [Harvest Moon Translations Discord] where people can collaborate and discuss translating AWL, as well as other HM/SoS games into various languages.

I hope that having a dedicated server will offer people a common place to help work on these projects, and get in touch with others who might have helpful expertise, whether it’s knowing another language, or technical knowledge about the game in question.

Currently I’ve created channels for a few AWL, FoMT, and DS projects, but more will be added as they come up.

If you or someone you know would be interested in helping translate some of these games, feel free to [join]!

I’m gonna be presenting at QGCON in Montréal in May!

Update: QGCon 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID-19. I look forward to QGCon 2021 pending future updates from the organizers.

Those of you following me on Twitter might have already seen, but I’m gonna presenting a talk at the upcoming 2020 Queerness & Games Conference (QGCON). This years conference will be hosted May 23-24, 2020 at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec.

The conference is focused on the intersection of LGBT issues and video games. It brings together queer studies academics, video game industry personnel, artists, players, and more.

I’ll be presenting a 20-minute talk tentatively titled “RETROactive Queer Representation: Usage of Mods and Romhacks To Implement Queer Representation in Retro Video Game Media”.

My talk will be aimed at presenting and discussing various romhack / modding projects that add queer representation to retro games. I’ll be discussing why individuals might express interest in such projects, as well as the different hurdles that might be faced when working on such projects and the potential implications.

I’ll be referencing my own work on Harvest Moon: A Proud Life, as well as other projects such as Fire Emblem: Gay Awakening, Gender-Neutral Legend of Zelda, and Poképan Crystal.

I’ll likely be staying in Montreal for about a week or so; a few days before the conference, and a few days afterwards. Please feel free to send me any of your local recommendations.

If any of you reading this are going to be attending the conference, I look forward to seeing you there. And if you’re gonna be in town but not at the conference, feel free to hit me up on the HMAPL Discord so we can set up a meet up!.

See you in May!

Harvest Moon: A Proud Life v1.0 Release

I’m proud to announce that I’ve completed all dialog review/edits for the lesbian variant pf the Proud Life mod.

With this, I’ve compiled a brand new build, dubbed v1.0.

I’ve also begun the process of submitting the mod to, so that should be live within the coming days assuming everything goes as planned.

The only aspect that I might address for the lesbian mod would be the demo video that plays if you stay idle on the title screen. Currently the mod uses one of the demo videos from the Japanese release of Another Wonderful Life. This video has a few discrepancies when compared against actual gameplay.

  1. Japanese button text
  2. Some animations don’t match up (i.e. bouncy ponytail)
  3. Shows a missing feature (i.e. dog training)

Also, now that the mod has reached ‘Release’ status, I’m gonna be doing some more searching for an artist to help design cover art for the mod.

If you know of anyone who would be interested in helping design some faux cover art for use in emulators like Dolphin, please let me know either on Twitter or via email.

Poll: Nami Model Variants

One item of consideration for the mod is whether or not I should modify Nami’s character model.

Her appearance in A Wonderful Life depicts her with neat short hair. However, her appearance in Another Wonderful Life depicts her with notably messier hair.

Nami’s AWL model (neat hair) vs AnWL (messy hair)

I’m currently running [a poll on Twitter] to look at which model players prefer.

I plan on using the result in each version of the mod (i.e. both A Proud Life and Another Proud Life).

While I’m partial to the neat look, I recognize that that might be due to me growing up with AWL. With that said, the messy look is growing on me.

Twitter Poll: Summer Stream Schedule

Now that it’s summer, my weekends have become increasingly busy.

As such, I’m considering moving the HMAPL streams into the morning. Alternatively, I could host the streams on a weekend during the evening.

Let me know what you guys think. I currently have a poll up on my twitter (@sgibbz).

Opening Up Dialog for Community Collaboration

Dialogue Dumps

To help facilitate dialog review/editing, I’ve synced some of my work-in-progress dialog dumps via Google Drive.

This means that anyone interested in helping with the project can view .txt format dialog dumps, which will be continuously updated as I edit the dialog for the game.

Community Dialogue Review

I’ve also created some Google Docs listing any dialogue that I plan on editing, but haven’t gotten around to yet.

If you come across any dialogue in need of fixing (e.g. gender pronouns, grammatical/spelling mistakes), feel free to add it to these docs.

A screenshot of the Google Doc noting dialog from A Proud Life (A Wonderful Life) to be fixed

A Note About File Names

Note that the dialog file names are sometimes different from the in-game character names. This is because the files utilize the original Japanese character names.

English NameJapanese Name (name of dialogue file)
TimTai / Tay