Custom Save Blocks

After some research, I’ve figured out how to customize the save file header information for both AWL and AnWL.

Each game has a file named wlp1.rel, which is a relocatable module (similar to how .dll files function for Windows programs). This file has the information which dictates the header info when creating or overwriting a save file.

This information includes the chapter names, the save filename, the game / save title, and the banner / icon to be used.

By manipulating this file, I’ve changed the game / save title for each game to HM: APL (for the wlw mod) and HM: AnPL (for the mlm mod).

I’ve considered changing the filename (originally bokujyo4.dat or bokujyoA.dat, depending on the game), but changing this would invalidate any previous save files for users of earlier alpha/beta builds of the mod.

Save Block Textures

In addition to modifying names / variables in this file, we can also modify the textures used. While I had already modified banner_card.tpl, I decided to try my hand at modifying card_icon.tpl. This file is a bit trickier since it uses a texture format that utilizes pallettes.

The important thing to note hear is that all of the individual textues must utilize the same pallette for the textures to render properly when displayed by the console hardware.

It’s also important to note that the order the textures are displayed is in bouncing order. That is to say that they go in order of 1->2->3->2->1->2->3, as opposed to a normal GIF loop order of 1->2->3->1->2->3. This is most noticable when seeing how the dog mouth opens / closes on the otiginal save icon

Standard Loop
Bounce Loop

Creating a new Save Block Texture

I started by deciding what I wanted to make for the new save icon. After some internal debate, I decided on using the blue feather (the symbolic item for proposing to one of the romance options) with a LGBT flag background. I created a version with a standard 6-stripe rainbow flag (1979 6-stripe variant), as well as one with the lesbian flag (2018 5-stripe variant).

I also created versions with the Philadelphia pride flag (2017 8-stripe variant) and Progress flag (2018 variant). While these show up ok with increased internal resolutions (i.e. emulator), they appears blurry / pixelated on original interlaced resolutions (i.e. original hardware). For this reason, I have made them available as optional, which can be used to replace the card_icon.tpl texture file on the disc.

Blue Feather (from commonall.arc.clz\symbol.tpl\Texture5), 1979 Rainbow Flag, 2018 Lesbian Flag, 2017 Philadelphia Flag, 2018 Progress Flag
Progress and Philadelphia Pride Flag Mockups

Philadelphia Flag card_icon.tpl [DOWNLOAD]
Progress Flag card_icon.tpl [DOWNLOAD]

To ensure that all images used the same pallette, I saved each texture as a single-frame 256-colour .gif file. When saving the first texture, I saved the generated colour table as a Photoshop palette. Then, when I saved the second and third textures, I loaded the colour table from the previously saved palette file. This would ensure that all three saved .gif image files had the same embedded colour table / palette.

When loading a .gif with an embedded colour palette into BrawlBox, it will give the option to import the palette. By selecting this option when replacing each texture in the card_icon.tpl file, it ensures they’ll all match.

Once the game is loaded with the edited wlp1.rel, card_icon.tpl, and banner_card.tpl files, and the game diary is re-saved, the changes will take effect.



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  1. Hi! In your previous post you mentioned the ability to edit items. I want to hack the records into my game because the GBA connectivity thing hasn’t been working for me. How would I find their values in the code?


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