Cover Art FAQ

I want to thank all of the amazing artists that have already contacted me about their interest in creating art for the “cover” of the mod.

After seeing so many different styles of artists interested in the project, I’ve decided that it might be best to create multiple cover variations, with users being able to decide on which one they like best.

With that said, there have been some questions raised about the art request that I’d like to address.

Q. What should the art be of?
A. The art can be anything that you’d like that you feel fits the project. This could range from recreating the iconic A Wonderful Life cover art but with Pony instead of Mark, to a scenery piece showing the landscape of Forget-Me-Not Valley, to the Harvest Sprites playing with some animals.

Q. Do I need to create art for both boy and girl versions of the mod?
A. While it would be nice to have matching art for the two versions of the mod, it isn’t a requirement. If you’re only interested in making art for one version, feel free.

Q. Will there be payment for the artwork?
A. As this is strictly a fan project, I am making no money from this mod. As such, I will unfortunately not be able to allocate any funds for the cover art. I will be making sure to give full credit to any art used on the cover, as well as on the mod download page.

Q. How big should the art be?
A. This question depends on how the art is formatted.
The cover art consists of three main areas: The front (1048 x 1920), the spine (1048 x 72), and the back (1048 x 1920).
You could make three different pieces to satisfy each of the areas on the case.
If you wanted to make an art piece that wraps around the case, it would need to big enough to span all three areas (1048 x 3912).

Q. Do I need to use the “A Proud Life” logo?
A. You don’t need to use the logo if you don’t want to. If you decide you do want to use the logo, you can also feel free to move it around as best fits your art work.

Q. Where can I get a Photoshop template to preview how my art will look as a case?
A. Here you go! 😄

As an example of how the art could be used, I’ve created this rough mock-up in Photoshop from some images from Google.
Note: that this is just meant as a proof of concept and not an actual cover for the mod. I take no credit for the elements used.

Not real cover art

I look forward to more messages as interest in the project grows.
As always, I’m open to any and all feedback.


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    • Unfortunately not yet. There’s still a ways to go with dialogue editing, model/texture swapping, and testing/debugging.
The cover was more of a fun idea I had for those that wanted to contribute but didn’t really have any modding experience.


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