A Proud New Home for A Proud Life

Ever since Tumblr was purchased by Yahoo (which was subsequently purchased by Verizon), the quality of the site/app have gone considerably downhill.

This has been emphasized by the recent ban of NSFW content from the platform.

While I myself do not use Tumblr for NSFW content, it concerned me how poorly the process was being handled. A lot of content creators, artists, etc. were having their content erroneously flagged by Tumblr’s new system.

Meanwhile, Tumblr has failed to actually resolve issues of content theft, spam bots, and extremist content/

Overall, this has brought the viability of Tumblr as a platform into question.

That’s why I’m proud to announce that I’ll be migrating all of the content for Harvest Moon: A Proud Life to this WordPress blog

Over the next few weeks, I’l be working on transferring all current content. As I do this, I also plan on creating separate pages/categories for Tutorials, Patch releases, Tools, etc. This should make for a much simpler user experience as I post updates on the mod’s development.

I’ll still be using Tumblr for some content, but this will be the new primary home of the mod.