Tutorial: Extracting, Modifying, and Rebuilding ISOs

Disclaimer: This guide is outdated and is missing some important steps (i.e. 32K File Realignment). I’ll be posting an updated guide within the next month or two. – Sean. July 30, 2019.

This guide will go over the basic functionality of the GC Rebuilder tool.  I’ve been using this tool to repackage the modified versions of my AWL/AnWL ISOs.  I’ve tried other tools such as WiiScrubber, but those seem to have issues when the replacement files have different file sizes

In this example, I’ll be replacing a dialogue file (other.mes) with a modified version.



1. Launch GC Rebuilder and use the Image menu to select your source ISO to extract.

2. Right click the “root” directory of the ISO and select Export, to extract all of the ISO files to a folder.

3. Close GC Rebuilder

4. Make your modifications/replacements to the extracted files.

5. Open up GC Rebuilder again

6. From the “Root” menu, select the root folder containing your modified files.

7. Under the Root menu, select the “Save” option to set where you want your modified ISO to be saved.

8. Once you’ve selected a suitable location for the destination ISO, select “Rebuild” from the Root menu.

You should now have a shiny new ISO built containing your modified files.


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