Updating MES Files

Now that I’ve found a bunch of dialogue that needs changing, I’ve started hex editing the MES files in question to adjust the specific messages.

So far, I’ve edited the following for AnWL:

  • [garfun.mes]
  • [godey.mes]
  • [gustafa.mes]
  • [gustafa_husband.mes]
  • [mash_husband.mes]
  • [muumuu.mes]
  • [other.mes]
  • [phrase.mes]
  • [rock.mes]
  • [rock_husband.mes]
  • [sepilia.mes]
  • [son.mes]
  • [son_baby.mes]
  • [son_diary.mes]
  • [son_other.mes]
  • [son_talk.mes]

I’ll be going through the AWL files (as well as some more AnWL edits) tomorrow,.

I’ve created a [directory] from which I will be linking to all of my dialogue file dumps.

I will upload new alpha patches shortly thereafter with just the dialogue edits (no texture/model replacement) so that users can test them and see if there are any lingering misgendered messages.

One main issue I’ve noticed with some of the dialogue, is that when I replace some text with text of different length (e.g. “she” [3 letters] with he [2 letters]), it seems to change the offset of any messages afterwards.  This is especially apparent with the rock_husband dialogue as some of the later messages are missing the first word or half-word.