Starting Dialogue Analysis

I’ve put all of the dialogue from each game. [AWL] [AnWL]

I’m starting to look through the dialogue and make note of any areas that need editing, including grammatical errors and gendered terms.

Please [let me know] if you find any areas that will also need editing.

Once I’ve found the areas to edit, I will make the changes using manual hex editing of the original MES files.

Update #2

I’ve gone through the AWL dialogue.

I’ve located any mentions of “husband”, “father”, “pops”, “dad”, and “daddy” that need to be changed.  I’ve also located a number of grammatical errors that will need to be fixed.

The AWL dialogue dump [link] has been updated as such.

Of course the sections I’ve found won’t be complete.  There are still going to be numerous he/him entries throughout the dialogue, but this is a start.

It’ll go a lot faster if you guys can message me [link] with any dialogue that you come across needing to be fixed.

I’ll work on the AnWL dialogue tomorrow and then will start on hex editing the necessary files, followed by creating updated xDelta patches.