Dumping Dialogue

I’ve had a good amount of success with Harrison’s MES Editor [v0.1 stable]

I’ve set up a google doc [link] where I’ve been dumping all of the decrypted tool.

I’ll continue dumping messages manually and then will look into adjusting dialogue (i.e. pronouns, etc) for the mod once all of the scripts are in one place

I’ve made the google doc link editable (I have a seperate version for myself as a backup), so if you want to use the tool and contribute, it would be extremekly appreciated.

Also, if you can find any areas of dialogue in either game that will require adjusting for the Proud Life mod, please let me know so I can make a note of it.

Conversations with Harrison have been very productive around the tool.  Currently, he’s updating the tool with addition characters (symbols, kanji, etc.), as well as refactoring chunks of the code.  Most excitingly, the new development version seems to allow dumping of full decrypted output to a file, which will make things a lot easier rather than me copy/pasting each individual message.  Currently this new version is still under development and won’t really display what you want it to.  But it should be ready in the coming weeks.