A Brief Update

Sorry for not giving many updates about my Harvest Moon mod lately.

I’ve been busy with apartment hunting/packing/moving for the last couple weeks. So I haven’t had much time to work on it.

Right now I’m trying to look at getting some tools from the Nintendo Gamecube/Dolphin SDK to run so that I can try working with some of the gpl (model) / anm (animation) / act (actor) filetypes found in the game files. So far my efforts have just resulted in crashing, freezing, or blank screens.

I’ve tried making posts on the /r/wiihacks and /r/gamecube subreddits, but haven’t had much luck yet.  I might try making some posts on a couple forums like gbatemp or assemblergames to see if anyone has had much luck working with the sdk and it’s tools.

I also haven’t figured out why AnWL is crashing around Gustafa, but I’ll be looking into that further once I’m able to. For now, I’ve been able to get around it by playing through any Gustafa-related scenes using the original AnWL game, then switching back to the modded AnWL once the scene has been dealt with.  This could prove problematic though as it would be a hassle for any players wanting to marry Gustafa.

I still haven’t been able to find out where the female model and face textures are, the two games seem to have some differences in how they store the files.  I might see if I can find some sort of debug/log tool to see which files being accessed when Dolphin (the fan emulator) renders the textures.