HM: A Proud Life – Face Textures

After looking through all of the files that I could find, I’ve been unable to locate the face textures for the main character in AnWL; I’ve only been able to locate the body/outfit textures.

The face texture files are easy enough to find in in AWL:

  • Young Character:  disc:\boy_0.arc (U8 Archive)
    • Eye Textures: boy_0.arc\boy_0_f0_e.tpl
    • Mouth Textures: boy_0.arc\boy_0_f0_m.tpl
  • Adult Character: disc:\boy_1.arc
    • Eye Textures: boy_1.arc\boy_0_f1_e.tpl
    • Mouth Textures: boy_1.arc\boy_0_f1_m.tpl
  • Senior Character:  disc:\boy_2.arc
    • Eye Textures: boy_2.arc\boy_0_f2_e.tpl
    • Mouth Textures: boy_2.arc\boy_0_f2_m.tpl

However, the structure seems to be different for AnWL. I’ve created a diff comparison for the disc filesystems to hopefully help with finding the newly located files.

I’ve run the game through dolphin and can see that the textures do exist somewhere, but I can’t seem to find the source that they’re being loaded from.

If anyone can give any insight, it would be much appreciated.

For now I’ll work on the swapping out the body/outfit textures.